About TechnoPro Construction

Our Mission

Satisfaction for Clients, Safety for Engineers

TechnoPro Construction is a nation’s leading engineer staffing firm in the construction industry. Our mission is to place the right talents to the right projects, eliminate unnecessary processes of hiring, screening and training for clients, offer opportunities for engineers to grow as professionals. With pre-eminent talents and solutions, we aim to become the “HR department of the construction industry” that clients can rely on.

Our Business

Construction Engineer Staffing

TechnoPro Construction boasts its expert engineers with a wealth of skills to support every construction site across Japan. Our skilled engineers offer high-level, precise support for the execution of construction projects such as buildings, condominiums, commercial facilities, without sacrificing safety and quality.

Temp-to-perm Placement

TechnoPro Construction offers temp-to-perm placement service for clients who want to minimize risks come with hiring. We carefully screen candidates who meet the clients’ requirement from our rich pool of engineer talents and send to the client’s site for trial. Using this service, the clients are able to find and hire qualified talents.

Company Overview

Company Name

TechnoPro Construction, Inc.

Head office location

Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 35F, 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-6135
Tel: 03-6361-6190 Fax : 03-6361-6191


President : Yasuo Tanaka


November 2008

Sales Offices

22 (as of June 2023)

Technical Centers

2 (as of June 2023)

Number of Employees

3,134 (as of the end of June 2023)

Percentage of mid-career hires

FY ended June 2020: 79.4%, FY ended June 2021: 93.5%,
FY ended June 2023: 86.6%


20,799,170,000 yen (as of June 2023)

Paid-in Capital

110,000,000 yen

Dispatch Number

Pie 13-304191

Paid Employment Placement


Architect Office Registration

1st Class Registered with the Governor of Tokyo No. 63774,
1st Class Registered with the Governor of Osaka Prefecture No. 26037

Surveyor Registration

Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism General No. (1)-36042

Description of Business

1. Dispatch business, consignment and request business, and job referral business.
2. Planning, surveying, surveying, design, construction, supervision, and consulting services related to construction
3. Creation of various drawings and information models of architectural and civil engineering structures, etc.
4. Investigation, diagnosis, confirmation, and inspection of various structures and facilities.
5. Planning, implementation, operation and sales of training programs for the acquisition of skills related to buildings, civil engineering structures, equipment, surveys, drawings, construction, supervision, and other construction in general.

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